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100% Genuine Leather Tobacco Pouch Bag+Snorter Snuff Bottles with Spoon

Color: Orange

Shape: Free Type
Model Number: SET021
Material: Glass
The Size of Tobacco Pouch: 119 MM*171 MM
The Size of Glass Sheet: 55 MM*65MM
The Diameter of Snuff Straw Sniffer: 6 MM / 0.24 Inches
The Length of Snuff Straw Sniffer: 68 MM / 2.68 Inches
The Height of Pill Glass Bottle: 36 MM / 1.42 Inches
The Size of Snuff Blade: 19 MM*40 MM
Color: Black Orange
Use: Storage Snuff Snorter Tool or Others
Design: 100% PU Leather
DR: 35