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Medical Blood Bleeding Strap

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  • The tourniquet is used to block the flow of blood in veins to meet some need medically, which is widely used in the case of hospital blood collection. Beside that, tourniquet is also a kind of emergency life-saving equipment which can reduce bleeding or avoid the rapid spread of toxic blood under the circumstance of being bitten by poisonous snake or limbs massive bleeding for the purpose of emergency treatment. Especially mountaineers in the wild should carry tourniquets in case of an emergency.

  • Material: ABS + High stretch polyester fiber yarn
  • Size: about 2.5 * 40 cm/ 0.98 * 15.75 inches
  • Application: Medical tourniquet
  • Type: Stop Blood Bleeding Strap
  • Packing Detail:1pcs * Tourniquet
Usage Method:
  • 1. Open the pack, take out tourniquet, press the valve on the lock valve of tourniquet lightly, and the valve will pop up automatically. Pull out elastic strap about 20 - 35 cm/ 7.87 - 13.78 inches according to the thickness of patient's upper arm.
  • 2. Get the valve back to the lock valve to form the tourniquet circle.
  • 3. Then wear the circle on patient's arm and tighten the elastic strap to perform routine infusion.
  • 4. When loosing tourniquet, please loose it slowly, and then it will spring open.